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Puppetry - acting, directing and stage design

Department “Acting, directing and stage design” (ADST) at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA). Department was founded in 1962 thanks to architect Ivan Tsonev, PhD Atanas Ilkov and PhD Nikolina Georgieva who have laid the groundwork of the professional puppetry training in Bulgaria. In our days some of the best Bulgarian puppeteers, directors and scenographers who have proven their undeniable talent teach at the academy.
Such a professional training has a deep impact on Bulgarian puppetry art, its development, promotion, upgrade and recognition. Students from different countries who have been trained here prove the achievements of the Bulgarian puppetry school in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Practical disciplines are strictly profiled within different specialties. Still multiple co-productions are staged during the learning process.
Training aims at mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to enhance students’ creative potential in the puppet theatre field.
ADST department is one of the few puppet theatre schools in the world offering comprehensive training is contemporary puppetry art.

Puppet theatre acting

Mission – The main goal of the education is to bring up artists with high professional expertise, personal approach and ability to create images and characters mastering puppets. All efforts seek to establish a professional method of work combining both actors and puppets as the means of expression.
Founded in 1962
Type of education – Full-time studies
Academic degree – B.A. /bachelor’s degree/
Graduation – Education completes with a stage demonstration with puppets at the School Puppet Theatre.

Graduates obtain “bachelor’s” degree in the specialty “Puppet theatre acting”. They could either start working as actors, directors of studies, instructors and managers of puppet theatres, radios, TV-s, entertaining programs and schools or they could proceed with their higher education obtaining a “master’s” degree .

Puppet Theatre Directing

Mission – Education aims to generate a special knowledge of how to produce a performance based on the various means of expression of puppets, actors and a combination of them.
Founded in 1972
Type of education – Full-time studies
Academic degree – B.A. /bachelor’s degree/
Graduation – During the course of studies students create different styles of puppet. They work in close collaboration with the other students learning “puppet theatre acting” and “stage design” subjects.

Education completes with performance presented in professional theatre hall, together with director’s book compiled and defense paperwork.

Puppet Theatre stage design

Mission – Education aims to train specialists in stage design, creative people with modern view, knowledge in the contemporary stage design, people handling a mix of puppets and actors.
Founded in 1992
Type of education – Full-time studies
Academic degree – B.A. /bachelor’s degree/
Graduation – Students exercise different design related tasks during their training to create a puppet theatre set. They work in close collaboration with actors and directors’ classes.

Education completes with a demonstration of project design in professional theatre hall as well as with defense paperwork.


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